The Neck Warmer

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in Lululemon’s long-weekend retreat, Run | ORD. It was a flawlessly executed event and 20 or so of us runners and fitness enthusiasts of both sexes were treated to gear, food and drink, fitness events (yoga, trail running) and new, fulfilling relationships.

One of the products we men were treated to was the neck warmer. In all honesty, had I not been gifted this by Lululemon I wouldn’t have given it a shot; it looked more like a scarf or  something for women. I’m glad they doled it out though, because it looks slick, wicks sweat, reflects light during night activity, and remains durable today after multiple washes.


Photo Credit: Courtney Clinkert

I look forward to cool temps so I can toss this thing on over a long-sleeved shirt and run on the lakefront (or errands!). For $32, it’s well worth it and you can purchase one for yourself here. My only advice would be to refrain from wearing it as a mask when you run because it makes breathing a chore.


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Author: Kevin Baum

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