Cool for School (or Work, or Dinner, or …)

Cool should be comfortable, like this Pima Cotton Cashmere Crew Pullover from Banana Republic (BR).

I’m a big fan of this color, it feels great, and see that gray stitching on the inside of the collar? BR adds that hint to their crews so you know what will pair well with it.

As this pullover’s “inside tip” suggests, a nice, dark gray rolls well with it. I tap into that combo when faced with a dressier situation though, like work or a nice dinner. I’ll throw this on with some gray twill pants and a navy (or other dark) colored sport coat.

When it’s time to go casual though, I’ll match it with these Levi’s 511’s. I looked for this particular shade of denim for a bit, and by a stroke of good fortune I stumbled upon the Smith Street in one of their stores last fall.


The blue is soft and not too washed or white which sets up the top for pop, and I especially like the complimentary tones of the trademark tan and red patches on the backside. As a kicker, these slim pants are a solid fit; they aren’t skin tight like some other brands’ slims are.

Add a pair of light tan bluchers or some dark loafers and you’re on your way to cool-ville.

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Author: Kevin Baum

I'm a Chicago native with a passion for style, fitness, travel, and personal improvement. And pizza!