In Marathoning and Life, There is Pain. And it’s Temporary. And it’s Necessary.

I’ve crossed eight marathon finish lines. During each and every race, at some point, my mind told me to quit. But the pain was only temporary.

During one race, I spent the last 57 minutes repeating to myself over and over again, “keep moving forward – don’t stop.” I was in such a state of shock after I crossed the line that it took me a few hours to shake the mantra and calm down.

When your legs feel like they’re going to give out, it’s all about one foot in front of the other. When the voice inside your head is enticing you, begging you to stop, keep going.

Pain is temporary and it’s necessary. We need it to grow, and to understand what pleasure really is, and to understand who we really are and to recognize what we’re truly capable of. Progress is two steps forward, one step back. Over and over and over again.

Push through pain; pour “positive” on top of and into every aspect of your life, and earn yourself the right to wear the badges of confidence and achievement into every room, into every situation.

There’s a reason, and perhaps even a bit of a blessing, to hit bottom. It’s a test.

How much can you handle? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Challenge yourself – the pain will be real, but it will be temporary.


Author: Kevin Baum

I'm a Chicago native with a passion for style, fitness, travel, and personal improvement. And pizza!

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