Chicago Style: June 15, 2017

It’s been a helluva week. Tricia’s in London for work and I have a cat, dog, new work projects and marathon training to juggle. So far I’ve been able to keep the pins in the air.


This week’s feature is Chicago-casual from 31 floors up. I didn’t wake up like this, but it looks like I did in that shirt that needs an iron run over it.

Hey, nobody bats 1.000; it’s clean.

On the positive, Tricia returns on Saturday! God help me.

Shirt: Banana Republic – Grant slim-fit oxford. This shirt is out-of-season and no longer on their site, but there are plenty more to suit you(r) fancy. Great for work or the weekend, it’s comfortable, washable, iron-able. Iron-able: I should heed my own review!

Jeans: Calvin Klein – slim straight leg osaka blue wash jeans. They’re my favorite. They’re comfortable. They bend and breathe with me.

Shoes: Zara – blue driving shoes w/tassels. Caught them on sale – how bow dah! But for real, they’re great. They’ll dress up or down any outfit (I often wear them with my Tommy John joggers). Make sure you get yourself some no-show socks though, or else: pee-eeewww!

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Author: Kevin Baum

I'm a Chicago native with a passion for style, fitness, travel, and personal improvement. And pizza!