Chicago Style: June 21, 2017

You may be asking yourself: “A sweater in summer?”

My line of work calls for me to be in a climate controlled room at times throughout the day. At any given moment it could be warm or cold, which means I have to be prepared (I can’t just leave). Because I’ve unsubscribed from to the to-do of putting on and taking off articles of clothing in the workplace, I go with something light … something just right. Something I can wear both in and outside of the room AND in and outside of the office while keeping (and looking) cool, calm and collected. That something is J.Crew’s Harbor Cotton Crewneck.

I like it so much I have it in two colors, gray and navy, and this week I went with the gray. To compliment the lighter-toned top, I chose medium-dark, blue pants, and warm navy/brown sneakers with a white contrast sole. I saw this as a way to sandwich moodier tones between the lighter ones.

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Point of view!
Paige pants. I was introduced to the brand a few years ago while at Trunk Club and I’ve been a fan ever since. I have these blue ones and a really nice, light gray pair, too. Both are great options for spring or summer as they can be worn with a sweater (shown), tee, or a sport coat.

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J.Crew and Paige
Hi-tops: Steve Madden. Most people don’t even realize they’re sneakers which means you’ll have more opportunities to wear them. I’m into the dark blue and brown with navy laces, and the clean, white sole. I’m thinking as I write this that some white laces would make this outfit pop a bit (next time!).

Steve Madden
Watch: Ted Baker, London Graham. I met a friend for a drink at Nordstrom last fall. I browsed the watches while waiting for him to show up and this watch caught my eye. I didn’t get it right off of the bat. I told myself, “wait a week. If you still want it, come back and get it.” I went back and got it.

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Ted Baker – up close
The car: 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA 250. I looked at other C and E class rides and to be honest, I liked the body of this one over even the larger, more powerful MBs. I Loved my Honda Civic of 11 years, but moving forward it’ll be the best or nothing.

Pro tip: a car wash never killed anycar. I should take my advice!

Sunglasses – Warby Parker, Barkley. I bought one pair of Barkley’s a year ago and today I find myself with two of them and one of the Robinson (visit their website for info. on all three). For $100 or so a pair they can’t be beat. You get to home try-on some styles, too.

Warby Parker’s are sleek, polarized and their customer service is fantastic. They each come in a great case and with a lens-cleaning bag/cover. Every time I’ve gone to their Armitage, Chicago location, whether it’s for a cleaning or an adjustment, the staff takes care of business with a smile.

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Checking the Calendar

What do you think about this week’s look? Let me know in the comments!


Author: Kevin Baum

I'm a Chicago native with a passion for style, fitness, travel, and personal improvement. And pizza!