Editor’s Letter

GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpgPersonal growth is a lifestyle. It commands belief in oneself and a system by which one can act and react. It requires loyalty, consistency, and flexibility. It will fail without self-respect and sincere respect for others. It entails taking care of oneself and one’s body, and dressing well. It means giving back to friends, family, and the community. It’s a commitment.

When one invests in a genuine understanding of their self and decision making logic, and concedes to the truth behind the how’s and what’s and why’s of their life, slowly yet surely life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling. It doesn’t necessarily get easier, and there is certainly no shortcut to the truth(s), but with time, reflection, maturity, persistence, sacrifice, brutal honesty, a little bit of humility and a hell of a lot of patience they will master the art of “being them.”

Like any other profitable investment, understanding what makes you “you” will pay off in dividends, and every time you walk into a room.

My humility is my commitment to you. My tastes, experiences and opinions found here were written and packaged with you in mind and with the hope that my failures would provide you with new perspectives, and my successes and insights would pique your interest and fuel your confidence and perhaps inspire you to achieve things you never thought were possible – because you can.

I was once told that the recipe for success and happiness is the proper mix of three ingredients: move with a sense of urgency, have no ego, and give a shit. Think back on times when you missed the mark, and others when you shot over the moon. I guarantee that 100% of the times you hit the mark you (consciously or not) used just the right amount of all three ingredients.

In light of that, it’s time to work – to move with a sense of urgency. I look forward to growing as an individual alongside you.

Thanks for stopping by. See you at the top!